Sunday, July 29, 2007

Juniper Pass, Colorado

This is a shot looking to the southeast from the overlook at Juniper Pass, Colorado. This overlook is an beautiful place to see for miles. It doesn't look all that promising from the road. You see a sign, a couple of picnic tables and some bathrooms. But if you walk a short way down a path you are rewarded with a feast for your eyes. You end up at an overlook with a stone wall perched almost at the top of a thousand foot drop off. (I'm not sure exactly how high the drop off is, but it's really high.) If the weather is clear you can see almost to Kansas. Juniper Pass is near Mt. Evans and only about an hour drive from Denver. (Click the photo to view a full size version.)


Becka Marr said...

Wow - spectacular view, and great composition! I saw some awesome views recently, myself - on vacation at Glacier, NP. (There are photos in my deviantArt gallery, if you're interested.)