Wednesday, May 09, 2007

All By Myself - Missouri Botanical Garden

OK, I have some rules I follow when taking photos with my little Olympus DM500. Well, they're more like guidelines than rules, but I digress. My basic guidelines are (1) No cropping after the photo's been made; (2) no flash; and (3) use a tripod only as a last resort. I think this forces me to be more creative.

I broke Number 2 for this one. I know it washed out the colors of the flowers a bit, but I think I'm OK with that because I'm pleased with the results.

This was taken at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis in April 2007. I need to get back there soon because the trees are finally starting to recover from a freeze we had this spring that killed all of the early leaves and flowers (not to mention the damage to local crops of wheat, fruit trees, and grapes). I'm also curious to see how the roses are doing at the garden. More later.


Becka Marr said...

I agree with your first two rules (although I occasionally break #1), but must say I try to use my tripod whenever possible.

What sort of camera is an Olympus DM500 - film or digital? SLR or P&S?

I've been itching to take my camera out again soon, too. There are lots of flowers still blooming in the parks, and I really want to start hiking this season.

MessengerBoy said...

Becka, it's a 3 megapixel digital camera, but not an SLR.