Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mister Owl

We took a day trip with some friends a couple of weeks ago to Clarksville, Missouri. The bald eagles were all gone, but there's little restaurant and an antique mall we like there so we were not disappointed. Plus the drive is kind of nice too. The road runs along the flood plain between the bluffs and the Mississippi River. Lots of fields and you always see several freight trains because a busy line runs along the highway. Mister Owl is a stuffed creature sitting on a glass case at the Clarksville Visitor's Center. The center is set up on a bluff above Lock and Dam 24 and the east side of the building is mostly windows with a telescope and binoculars for eagle watching. As I said, the eagles were gone, but I still looked through the telescope.

It's funny what you remember from when you were a kid. When I typed the name for the title of this post it reminded me a neighbor we had when I was four years old. His name was, of course, "Mr. Owl." We lived in Duluth, Minnesota at the time and I remember how he would go outside and yell at the snowplow operators to come back and clear an opening at the end of his driveway when they plowed the streets. I also remember that he didn't like kids going into his yard. I was only four, but it's funny how some things stick with you.

This post is dedicated to my old neighbor, Mr. Owl. Here's to you Mr. Owl wherever you are.