Sunday, September 10, 2006

Riding the Storm Out

We had a collossal storm blow through the area a couple of months ago. The storm came in from the northeast which is very rare for St. Louis. The sky turned dark and a very strong wind descended -- no rain, just wind. I heard later it was gusting at 80 miles an hour. I was at church and I walked out into the parking lot. I quickly came back inside after getting peppered with bits of dust and dirt. The wind blew like this for at least 15 minutes and then the rain came. We lost power at the church a few minutes after the wind arrived and I hung out there until the worst of the storm had passed. Driving home there were branches and trees down everywhere.

When I got home my neighbor helped me drag several branches off my driveway in order for me to pull in. We had branches down at our house, but fortunately no serious damage. This storm knocked out power to over 50% of the St. Louis metropolitan area for days. Our power was out from Wednesday evening until late Sunday morning. Some folks were out for over a week. You really find out how much you depend upon electricity when your power is out for more than a day. No air conditioning, no refrigerator, no freezer, no lights, no television, no internet connection.

Anyway, this photo was taken from the park behind my house. It is a picture of the sky that evening as the sun set following the storm. I did not retouch the color of this photo. This is pretty much the color of the sky that evening. The focus is not very good, but I think the color is amazing.

Here is a link to a gallery of photos from the storm: Storm Photos.